5 Powerful Health Benefits of Mealworms You Can Believe

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Mealworms You Can Believe

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Mealworms You Can Believe

ust like the Health Benefits of Edible Insects, mealworm is consumed for its high protein. The protein contained in mealworms consists of the following components:
  • Amino acids
  • Fatty acids
  • Oleic acids
  • Linoleic acids
Mealworms also contain macro nutrients such as fiber and minerals such as phosphor and potassium.

The Health Benefits of Mealworms

The health benefits of mealworms mainly come from the excellent protein content in it. Here are the health benefits:
  1. Improve performance
The high protein food means the good energy source. As we know, protein provides extra energy for vigorous activities such as work out. This is the reason why athletes and body builder, keen on consuming high protein food instead of high carbohydrate food. This is because protein-dense food such mealworms, and vegetable sourced protein, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­tofu with the Benefits of Tofu for Bodybuilding usually contain high protein with low calorie and Carbo-dense food contains high energy source followed with high calorie too.
  1. Maintain weight
As mentioned before that the high protein level yet the low calorie in meal worm can give you proper satiety after eating them. This way, you can avoid too much craving for snacks. This habit leads you to the proportional weight and healthy eating habit as you may avoid consuming too much junk food. To get the Health Benefits of Not Eating Junk Food.
  1. Avoid malnutrition
Malnutrition is a fairly big problem in some developing countries. It relates to the inability of people to have economically, affordable food with high nutrition content. As the solution for their economic problem, they tend to consume whatever labeled as cheap. However, they might not get any nutrition from the food. As a solution, they need a nutrient dense food, yet at an affordable price. So that, consuming mealworms can be a great solution for the malnutrition problem. Mealworms are easy to find and breed in developing countries.
  1. Good for body building
Body building involves the act of gaining muscle mass. Muscle mass can be gained through a routine workout supported by healthy eating habit, especially the high protein diet. In this case, high protein food with low calorie are required, just like mealworms. The body builder can consume mealworms as an alternative to their high protein diet. It can also be combined with the consumption of protein shake or chocolate drink as it gives Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Body Building.
  1. Improve cognitive function
The excellent nutrition in mealworms can effectively improve cognitive function. It is because protein supports better metabolism in our body. The better metabolism means better energy supply for the brain. There is no better food brain other than protein. Just like Benefits of Tempeh for Brain which support the brain’s cognitive function.

Recommendation in Consuming Mealworms

It is important to apply the proper procedure to the mealworms in order to get the health benefits of mealworms. Some of you might still be questioning about the proper way to consume mealworms. Well, mealworms are commonly consumed dry roasted. It is a good way to store excess mealworms. Dried mealworms can last up to a year without being refrigerated. This is the best way to reduce moisture while retaining the valuable protein in it. The dry roasted mealworms can be simply salted or dipped in your favorite sauce. Or else, you can also sprinkle the dried mealworms to the soup or while you enjoy the Health Benefits of Coleslaw Salad. Such a nutritious topping for your healthy food. It is said that the nutty flavor of mealworms can replace peanuts and their performance as most favorite topping for cookies, cakes, and dessert. But if you can resist the appearance of the worm on your plate, you can also grind the dried worm into flour, and you can easily mix the ground mealworms into the flour you use for your recipe.

How to Process Mealworms

To dry roast the mealworms, you can place the mealworms in a colander, toss and rinse them under cool water. After that, you can dry them with paper towel, and place them in a fridge for about fifteen minutes to make sure they are dead. Spread the mealworm on a cookie sheet and place them in an oven at 200 degrees and bake them for about two hours to make them dry and crispy.

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