Huangshan Maofeng Tea Benefits for Health – Chinese Herbal Tea

Huangshan Maofeng Tea Benefits for Health – Chinese Herbal Tea

Huangshan Maofeng Tea Benefits for Health – Chinese Herbal Tea

China has produced many types of tea. Most of them seems original and healthy due to their production method. China has black tea such as the amazing health benefits of Keemun Black Tea and health benefits of Lapsang Souchong Tea that have high benefits to your body. It also has original tea and green tea. Chinese green tea has been known in all over the world for its taste and efficacy. One of them is Huangshan Maofeng.
Huangshan Maofeng is member of Chinese green tea that has the same advantage for your body. This tea comes from south eastern area in Anhui Province. Western people call it Yellow Mountain Fur Peak because of it has small white hairs that covers its leave and the processed leave resembles a mountain in Huangshan.

Legend of Huangsan Maofeng Tea
There were a scientist and a young girl fall in love when they first met. They lived happily and the girl really wanted to be with him forever. However, there was a landlord who noticed huge debt that this girl’s parent has to the landlord’s tea farm and force them to marry him with their daughter if the want to cover all the debt.
One night before the wedding, this girl ran away to his beloved, but the landlord and his servant chased her, captured her, and then killed her. From her grave, rain fell and her body spread humidity on the field where the farmer plants the seed to spread her love that she never got. Then, grows this magnificent tea and local people call it Huangsan Maofeng.

Benefits of Huangsan Maofeng Tea in General
Most of the tea has mostly same benefits for your body. The main effect of the tea for our body is its caffeine. It’s not as strong as coffee of course. But it has good amount of caffeine to naturally boost your energy in the morning. Even in the noon, when you feel tired, you can consume a cup of tea instead of buying energizer drink on supermarket to keep you alive and energized during work. If you don’t like to drink tea, this honey might be amazing for your natural energizer.

Tea also has big amount of antioxidant, which will protect your body from free radicals. If you drink one up to two cup in the morning, your body will be filled up with antioxidant which will protect your cells since when you do your activities, your body will be exposed by sun light, pollution, and unwanted material from junk food. Those dangerous materials from daily activity will affect your cells and body system which will lead to unexpected disease such as cancer or tumor.
By consuming tea every morning, your cells will be protected by antioxidant and will prevent dangerous materials to alter your body cells or system which will increase your body immunity. Body immunity can also be increased by consuming Schizandra Five Flavour Berry.

Interesting Benefits from Huangsan Maofeng Tea
Some of Huangsan Maofeng Tea includes: lowering blood pressure (thus it’s not recommended for people who suffers low blood pressure), having positive impacts on both liver and skin health, having antibacterial and diuretic system to fight your body from bacteria both outside and inside your body.

It also has strong effect to lowering your body weight as it has zero calories just like other tea characteristic and it can be natural whitening method for your teeth as it has fluoride to keep your teeth strong and reducing plague. There’s also some alternative to make your teeth to be white naturally by chewing Cloves.
How To Prepare Huangsan Maofeng Tea
  • First step is of course brewing. Prepare your raw Huangsan Maofeng and 500mL of water
  • Second, Boil both tea and water up to 80-90 Celsius degree
  • Third, Prepare the utensils such as cup and tea pot
  • Fourth, filter the boiled tea to the tea pot, or if you prefer drink it with the leaves, pour the tea to the kettle.
  • Fifth, Pour the boiled tea in the tea pot to the tea cups, add sugar as desired. You can also add milk.
  • Finally, your Huangsan Maofeng Tea is finally ready
Those are the Huangshan Maofeng Tea benefits for health, or in the West, people call it Yellow Mountain Cloud Mist Tea, to your body. Interesting thing about this tea when it’s boiled, the leaves will slowly float to the surface before it breaks and settle down the red color, even if it’s considered as green tea.

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